August 15, 2012

Book Review and Giveaway - Wrestling Reality


A rare glimpse not only into the life of a professional wrestler, but the life of a gay man in a straight world, this tragic memoir is told in Chris Kanyon’s own words, with the help of journalist Ryan Clark. One of the most popular wrestlers of the late 1990s, Kanyon kept his personal life private from his fans until finally revealing his biggest secret in 2004: he was gay. Going through the various roles that Kanyon played, both in the ring and out of it, as well as his battle with manic depression, this book explores the factors that led to his suicide in 2010. In his voice and the way he wanted it told, these are Kanyon’s last words about his experience rising through the ranks to the top of the professional wrestling world while keeping his sexuality hidden.

My Review: 

When I first read the description of the book I was interested. While I am not a huge, nor was I ever, a big fan of wrestling this book offered more. I wasn't too familiar with Chris Kanyon, but google was able to fill in the gaps. It must have been so tough for him to not only let people in on his homosexuality, but to battle with depression at the same time. Towards the end of the book I so wanted it to be some sick joke. Like he really didn't commit suicide and is laughing his butt off somewhere. He was such a like-able guy and someone that I feel anyone could have gotten along with. Having dealt with depression myself and having lost my older brother to suicide I was a bit scared to read this book. It wasn't just about his death, but about his life. He had a great life and I just wished he had seen that, just as I wish my own brother had seen it. 

This is a great book to read even if you don't like wrestling. While it deals with a wrestlers life it doesn't focus on the wrestling. If any of the other wrestling books out there are like this one, then I'll be reading a whole lot more. Thank you to the editors/publishers, the Klucsarits family, and Chris himself for letting all of us read his story.  

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