August 9, 2012

Book Review: Creepy Presents Richard Corben


This isn't your typical comic book, the illustrations are so superbly done by Richard Corben they could be used as art on a wall. Dark Horse has compiled all of Richard Corben's greatest stories from the Creepy and Eerie Series. These reminded me of the Tales from the Darkside movie I loved in the 80's. Sure some of the stories are corny and a little dated, but it didn't stop me from reading. This book had me up till late in the morning reading and sometimes laughing. Seriously it can't get any better than this! Now this book isn't for children so I wouldn't read it to my 10yr old nephew. I think mid teens and up are old enough to handle it as it does have some mature content, such as violence and mild nudity. 

So again If you enjoyed Tales from the Crypt or Tales from the Darkside, then you will definitely want to pick this book up. It has over 300 pgs full of Richard Corbens artwork and it still didn't take me long to finish it. It was such a great read and fun to boot. Plus this is the first and only book to bring together all of Corbens illustrations and stories in one neat little bunch. 
I don't think I can say anymore about this, you really need to get a copy and see it for yourself. I could talk till I'm blue in the face, but you wouldn't be able to appreciate it as much. Check it out you'll love it.

You can purchase at, although you can't buy it straight from themselves. Still its a great book if you love classic comic books. 

You can also purchase this book over on Barnes & Noble for about $16 dollars which is a great bargain for a 300pg, high gloss, with great binding. 

Also you can hop on over to Dark Horse and see it there as well.