August 23, 2012

Julep August Box Review

JULEP August Box


So Julep jumped on the metallic trend and sent out to great colors - Dakota and Stefani. Stefani is a great metallic silver that looks fantastic! It did have a different consistency than other polishes. I noticed the difference because of all the tiny bubbles that ended up on my nails. Honestly I like the way they look, it's really makes it look more like bubbling metal. It was hard to not grab too much on the brush as its kind of thick. 


Also in the box was Dakota which is a copper colored polish. It really reminds me a shiny new copper penny. It too was a bit thick and ended up being even more bubbly and uneven than Stefani. Now I'm sure its my shoddy work that made them like that, as I've seen them look super smooth on others pictures. Anyway it looked great in the sun. It was super shiny and I got nothing but compliments when I wore it. Seriously love the whole metallic trend!

Last thing in the box was the best thing in the box, well in my opinion. It was Julep Nail Polish Remover and I'm in love. Seriously it's fantastic! I love the little top that you can pump the remover onto your cotton ball. Depending on how much you turn the top open, that's how much remover will come out. If that wasn't awesome enough the remover itself is great. It really left my cuticles feeling soft and no stinky smell. Seriously I'm in love with this stuff and will have to buy more.

So you can get in on the fun for about $19.95 every month by joining Julep Maven. By joining you can either get 2 polishes and a another Julep product, or get the It Girl which gives you three polishes. Now at first $20 a month seems like a lot, but considering how much polishes are, its not a bad value. If you were to get the It Girl Box it would be about $6.65 per polish. That is cheaper than a few other polish brands that you can buy in many department stores. So what are you waiting for? Just try it out and if you don't like it then you can cancel it, anytime.  You can try out the promo code "PENNY" to see if it works and get your first box for $.01

Click HERE to join!