July 22, 2012

Food For Thought Reviews: Tiny Fruits


So I was lucky to get the opportunity to try out some great snacks for the kiddos. On Swaggable I was chosen to try it out so they sent my not one...but two bags of Tiny Fruits by Little Duck Organics. Tiny Fruits came from the very imaginative mind of Zac Normandin who wanted some nutritional, sugar-free, organic snacks for his kids. Thus Tiny Fruits was born and all the children in the world rejoiced, or was  that their parents? Now not only is it a great snack for your kids, LDO (Little Duck Organics) also donates 1% of all revenue to 1% For Humanity. How great is that? A snack that's good for your tummy and good for your heart. While LDO is a smaller company I'm hoping they are working to create some more great snacks. Right now they offer 4 Tiny Fruit flavors - Apple & Banana, Strawberry & Mango, Pineapple & Mango, and Blueberry & Apple. 

I was able to try out Apple & Banana and Pineapple and Mango. Now keep in mind that these snacks are freeze dried so they can be a bit chalky. Don't let that deter you, so you get a little messy...that's okay! Sometimes its okay to get a little messy while eating your food. Eating can be a fun thing too, promise. 

Now first bag that was opened was of course, Apple and Banana. First thing that hits you is the smell. It definitely smelled like apple and bananas. Like stated above there was the chalkiness, but it wasn't much of a big deal. The kids hardly even noticed as they munched away. They were huge fans of the Apple and Banana Tiny Fruits, and so was I. Those things are pretty darn tasty!

Now for the Pineapple & Mango, which were less enthusiastically received. Now we love pineapple and the kids love mango, but together not so much. Well at least freeze dried not so much. Now they are sugar-free so they aren't very sweet, but the pineapple and mango came out bitter. Plus the smell wasn't that great either. It reminded me a bit of...wait for it...beer. Yea I know maybe you smell something different, but my nose said beer. The kids were not fans and they made those faces like when I tell them its time to come in from outside. They abandoned the bag to its own demise on the kitchen table. It sat their looking so sad and pitiful knowing it had been cast aside while the Apple & Banana bag was devoured. I felt for it, I could really feel its pain and thought...well I could use it. I was making banana bread and grabbed some of the left over batter and tossed them in. Those tiny little freeze dried pieces of pineapple and mango rejoiced as they were eaten by the kids. Hah we fooled them, those tiny fruits they said weren't good tasted pretty darn good in some banana bread. 

So that folks is how it goes, if you want some sugar-free snacks for your kiddos then Tiny Fruits by LDO is the way to go. They don't cost any more than some other organic snacks and they are actually all organic! You can go HERE to find out where you can buy your own bags. I for one want to try out the Blueberry & Apple, can we say muffins?