July 22, 2012

Food for Thought Reviews: BBQ Bros Rubs


I received a sample of California Style Rub from BBQ Bros Rubs through their Facebook page. I love using spices when I cook so I was excited to try it out. I received it on Friday and used it for that night's dinner. I was making some country style pork ribs and figured it was a perfect match. At first I thought the packet they sent may be too small, but it wasn't. It was just enough to cover about 10 pieces of pork ribs. I added a little lime to it as well because I love adding some citrus. I let the pork sit for about 30mins before putting them into the oven. Normally I would let them sit longer, but the kids were hungry and I was running late. The rub had a great smell and while cooking that great smell filled the house. It had the kids asking over and over again if the food was done. I like to cook my meats in foil first so they stay moist and then right at the end take them out to crisp out.

The ribs came out fantastic and were spiced just enough. It had a bit of heat, but nothing too bad. It was super flavorful and the kids couldn't get enough. We didn't need to add anything to it as it was just perfect!

BBQ Bros Rubs makes 6 different styles of rubs: California, New Orleans, Texas, Memphis, St. Louis, and Carolina. Being from Texas I will be trying out their Texas style to see how it stands up to my regular rub. It won't be easy, but if its as good as their California Rub it should be tasty. 

You can get three bottles on Amazon.com for $25.00 of either Southern Styles or Western Styles