May 30, 2012

Theraneem by Organix South Review


TheraNeem Products

So while surfing around the web looking for some great organic products, I came across Naked Organix by Organix South. They make products using Neem, which is native to India and Southeast Asia. I honestly have never heard of Neem so google here I come! 

So the Neem Tree is actually considered to be a weed, and is pretty hardy. The whole tree is used for different medicinal properties, and believe me there are tons of uses. Neem can be used as a pesticide, a fungacide, antibacterials and antivirals. Neem Oil is full of anti-oxidents, is a proven immune booster, and used as an astringent.

Knowing this, Organix South jumped right on it and brought it out in the open. I have been looking around for a great product for my nails and I think I found it. While looking through Organix South's Website I came across Theraneem's Nail and Cuticle Oil. I am always painting my nails and the constant use of nail polish remover makes my nails dry and brittle. So I have used many different oils for my nails and cuticles and have yet to find one that works completely. At $16.95, Theraneem is a little more on the expensive side, but because it is organic I think it is a very good value. You can use it several times a day and combine it with a Neem Cleansing Bar and then moisturize with some Neem Cream. It has some great ratings and I look forward to trying it out soon!

 Theraneem has a huge range of products from beauty, pets, to your garden. The best thing is that its all organic and safe for you and your family, including your furry babies.

Naked Organix Products

Just today I bought another product by Organix South - Naked Organix Kukui Cleansing Bar. This is actually the first time I've heard of Kukui as well. It is a tropical tree that originated in Indo-Maylasia and spread to Hawaii. Kukui oil is rich in Vitamins A,C, and E which means it works great for dry or sun-exposed skin. Living in hot and humid Texas my skin is always drying out. So I'm really excited to try this out and see what a difference it makes. As with all Organix South products it is all organic! At $6.99 a bar it is a great value and you can purchase it on with Free Shipping.

UPDATE: So I received my bar and wow, it arrived super fast and the smell. Wow the smell was so strong, but not overwhelming. It looks and feels like homemade soap, which I really like. The rough edges kind of act as a exfoliater and really help to get my dry skin feeling soft. It works great and its organic so it doesn't mess with my skin. No break-outs or dried out skin for me! I highly recommend trying it out and at $6.99 you can't pass it up.  

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