April 11, 2012

Reader's Nook - A Vampire's Reckoning


This is the second book in the Stone Masters Vampire Series and while it is a stand alone book, it does include some characters from the first installment. I was so happy to receive this book to read and review as I had loved the first book, A Vampire's Rise. VMK Fewings brought back the quintessential vampire book. You won't find the sappy teenage vampire that sparkles in the sunlight. These vampires burst into flames and disintegrate into nothing but ashes. These are my kind of vampires! 

The story begins in Cornwall at St Michael's Mount with the story focusing on Lord Artemis and his two sons, Jadeon and Alex. While the first book focused more on Orpheus and other vampires, this one focuses on the Stone Masters. The Stone Masters are tasked with ridding the world of the evil vampires. Jadeon Artemis being the oldest is thrusted into the world of The Stone Masters, although he isn't too keen on the idea. Orpehus, aka Daumia Velde, is a character from "A Vampire's Rise" and he has come back to seek revenge on the Stone Masters for killing Sunaria, the one who turned him. 

Once Orpheus catches up to Jadeon and Alex he turns their world upside down forcing Jadeon to go through some serious stuff. Jadeon, who gets turned by Orpheus, now has to deal with becoming the very monster he is supposed to be ridding the world of. For Orpheus, Jadeon's life and everyone in it is all a game. He has really changed from his character in the first installment, in this book he is very cruel. Jadeon is innocent but has to pay for the crimes of his father and all the other Stone Masters that killed Sunaria. He totally got the end of the short stick. 

The end of the book is so surprising and leaves you totally wanting more. I know this because I couldn't wait to read the third book in the series, "A Vampire's Dominion". If you love vampire stories that are more true to Vampire folklore then this series is for you. 

You can buy this installment for only .99 cents on Amazon.com, the two other books are only .99 cents as well. A Vampire's Rise and A Vampire's Dominion. Of course if you like having the books, like me, then you can purchase those as well. They go for $12.99 and up on Amazon.com.

**Disclosure: I received this book to read and review. There was no further compensation and all opinions are mine.