April 8, 2012

Beauty Corner Review - Rimmel Polish

Rimmel Nail Polish
#286 Rags To Riches

I have become a quick fan of Rimmel polishes. They have a great variety in colors and are super affordable. They are less than $4 at most stores and there is normally a $1 off coupon in the paper. How convenient, right? So after my base coat on went "Rags to Riches", it is a nice shimmery olive green color. It has a olive base with hints of yellow and specks of dark green. It's a really lovely color that went on smoothly and stayed put, with no chips.

The way I test polishes is by hand-washing the dishes and seeing how tough the polish really is.  So far Rimmel has not disappointed and has withstood the constant beating of scrubbing, rubbing, and soaking of pots and pans. If a polish comes out unscathed it gets a thumbs up from me, Rimmel gets a huge thumbs up! 

Go out and find some Rimmel polish and try it out for yourself. You can find them online or in your neighborhood stores like: Target, Walgreens, and Walmart.