April 14, 2012

Reader's Nook - A Vampire's Dominion


This is the third installment in the Stone Masters Vampire Series by VMK Fewings and sadly I wish there were more. This book starts off with most of the same characters as the second book, "A Vampire's Reckoning". You meet up this time with William who literally has a war going on inside himself. I won't give away who William really is because that would totally ruin the story. 

So in this book there is a new threat among the vampire community that is killing vampires left and right. Apparently the easiest way to kill a vampires is to get them to kill themselves. So when vampires start randomly walking into the sunlight for no reason, William and "his team", try to get to the bottom of things. It's kind of hard to tell you more about the story without giving away the huge twist from the second book.

Just know that this book is just as great as the first two in the series. It had me reading till early in the a.m. not wanting to put it down. All of the books will leave you wanting more and seriously, I still want more. I'm hoping to see more about how Dominion deals with Orpheus. I wish all of you had read these books so I can really say what I feel about the book, but I don't want to spoil it for anyone. 

Just go out and buy the books already! If you are strapped for cash you can buy the .99 Kindle version. Don't have a Kindle...no problem! Amazon.com has a Kindle for the PC software that you can download for free.

So here are the links to all the books: