April 27, 2012

Beauty Corner Reviews - Revlon Polish #271


So this is my first Revlon polish and I was really happy with it. It is a really glittery, shimmery pink that went on super smoothly. The color pops so much against my skin, I was happy because normally I'm so not a pink person. It was just the right consistency and actually covered really well that it was good even with one coat. It last for about 4days which isn't too long, but for me that isn't much of an issue. I tend to not wear the same polish for too long so 4 days is good enough for me.

So overall I was really satisfied with it and will definitely be buying more shades and testing them out. Revlon is a very well known brand and can be bought at many different stores. They go about about $3 - $4 per bottle, which is a great price.