April 27, 2012

Beauty Corner Reviews - NYX Eyeshadow Base


 I bought this eyeshadow base for a little under $7. I have never used a base or primer before so this was all completely new to me. I wasn't exactly sure how much to put on or even how to put it on. So with a little googling I found the answer. First off it was a little awkward getting the base out of the bottle. I ended up just using my finger, but I really didn't like doing it that way. It went on pretty smooth and was pretty light. It has just a small shimmer so if you don't want a shimmer to your eyeshadows then don't use this base.

 So now to put it to the test, I put the base on my right eye and well the colors were more dense and vibrant. Now I understand why people use a primer/base for their eyeshadows. I had one of those aha moments. Honestly when I say I just started doing this, it's really the truth.

So back to my eyeshadows, I used my L.A. Colors palette in Tease. Now this palette was only $1.50 so you can see how it made those colors really pop!

The next photo is of the same shadows but without the NYX base on it. As you can see the eyeshadow is pretty translucent and just doesn't have to same vibrancy.  The colors didn't stay on there as long either and was even more faded after 4hrs of wear.  Sorry for the smudged eyeliner I rubbed my eye a bit, hey it happens!

 Overall I think it was an excellent buy as I've seen other bases and primers go for a lot more money. Even though the bottle is a bit small, I barely used any to cover my eye. I know it'll last be a long time, so that makes the price even better.