March 15, 2013

Make-Up Corner: Nyx Review


Now I will be the first to say that I am a make-up newbie. Normally I just slap some mascara on and grab some lip gloss and go. But when I received some products from Nyx, well I just had to play with them.

I originally received 5 products, but two were immediately snatched up so I'll do my review on the three I kept. The products and names are:

Bronzer/Blush: Phi Phi Island

Eyeshadow: I Dream Of St. Kitt 

Pin Up Tease Mascara in Black 

Collection Noir Black Eye Liner 

Xtreme Lipcolor: Spicy

The first thing I grabbed was the eye shadow, it went on very smooth and the colors were great. They are actually much more vibrant than the picture shows. They are great for an evening look, but I think done right they would be fine to wear during the day. 


 Next was the eye liner and wow, the liner is very smooth and you don't need a lot on the brush. I actually think you can even take a bit off as a little goes a long way.


 The mascara says it'll give your eyelashes a nice curl. My lashes actually already have a bit of a curl so I didn't see much difference. I really like the brush though, it keeps your lashes from getting clumpy.


 As for the blush and the lipstick my skin color is too dark for both of them. I did try out the lipstick and it is so wow! The color is so vibrant and strong and it doesn't dry out your lips at all. It lasts for hours before you have to re-apply it. Although I didn't try out the blush my sister in law did. Her review was that the color is pretty and went on smoothly, but at times the glitter got out of hand. She had to remember to shake off the excess as there is so much glitter that when she didn't do it, it went everywhere. She also said the colors are perfect for going out.

**I received these products for the purpose of reviewing them. All opinions are my own except when stated otherwise.