December 16, 2011

Going in a New Direction...

So it's 6am in the morning and I'm sitting here trying to find some direction in my life. I haven't been able to get a job and have been entering into giveaways like crazy. While I have won some really great items, it isn't enough to keep going. So I wonder if maybe I could become a real true to life blogger. It's a huge thing that's for sure and tons of responsibility as well, but I think as long as I continue to look forward I can do it.

I have been in a rut now for about a year ever since I left my last job. While it was a hard decision it's one that I don't regret. I love reading, writing, sewing, crafting, and cooking so why not make a business out of it? Now I already do sew and love doing it. Sewing helps me to relax and be creative. Making something that another human being takes pleasure in and loves is a great feeling. Selling an item that I made makes me so proud and excited, nothing better really.

So today I've made a decision to go in a new direction with my blog. It'll be filled with things that I like and enjoy and I'll try and keep it fun and exciting. While I love all my coupon buddies out there I can't see myself doing a coupon type blog. So yea stay tuned for some really great stuff....well at least I think it'll be great!

Oh and I'll keep my old blog posts because I'd like to see where I came from.