September 13, 2013

NYC Sparkle Eyedust Eyeshadow

New York Color Sparkle Eyedust

Inside my #ParadiseVoxbox was a NYC Sparkle Eyedust eyeshadow in "Smoky Topaz". It is a shimmery light bronze with a hint of purple. The eyeshadow itself is super pigmented and at first I felt like I had applied too much. The color is bright and shimmery, and definitely popped. I added some green to it because I felt it really went well with it. Of course I hadn't realized my eyeliner was messed up until after editing the photo, doh! my bad. As you can see though the color looks great and blended really well. I used the applicator and a regular make-up brush. While the applicator worked alright, I still really prefer a brush instead. The applicator is like the type you'd have on a lip gloss. I found it to be a bit messy when pulling it out to use it. It would get a little bit too much eyeshadow onto it which cause a bit of fallout. No matter how I pulled the applicator out (slow, fast) it still ending up dropping eyeshadow all over the place. It wasn't too big of a deal at the beginning, but I had to be careful when reapplying it because I didn't want it to get all over my clothes. Speaking of reapplying, it actually was hours before I had to touch it up a bit. It definitely would last the whole night if you had a date or ladies night out, and you wouldn't have to mess with it.

There are a total of 10 shades

  1. 879 Opal Sparkle: Shimmery White
  2. 880 Golden Champagne: Light Shimmery God
  3. 881 Pink Topaz: Very Light Pink S
  4. 882 Smokey Topaz Light Purple Shimmer with brown undertones
  5. 883 Amber Glitz: Darker Shimmery Gold
  6. 884 Bronze Shimmer
  7. 885 Amethyst Dazzle
  8. 886 Aquamarine Sparkle
  9. 887 Brilliant Sapphire
  10. 888 Diamond Dust

The best thing is that they're super affordable so you can get every color and not have a huge hit to your wallet. They're only about $2 a piece so why not try them all out? You can find pictures of all the available colors on the NYC Color website: Click Here.

Disclaimer: I received this product in the Influenster #ParadiseVoxbox for the sole purpose of reviewing it. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received.