June 21, 2013

Review & Giveaway: Thirty-One Gifts

I am so happy to let you guys in on a fantastic review and giveaway from a pal of mine. She has been with me since the beginning and has always supported me and my page. So in my helping her out I bought a Timeless Beauty Bag from her and Thirty-One. I love it as its a super cute design, totally functional, and a great way to store my extra make-up and jewelry.

The bag has three different compartments and one area for your make-up brushes, or anything else you'd like to stick there. I have amassed a small number of lip glosses and found they fit perfectly in the top pocket. Honestly I didn't know I had so many lip glosses till I pulled them all out of the bag. I have 19 total lip glosses, some eyeliner pencils, mascara, eyeshadow, lipstick, and concealer pens. Total items I fit in that top pocket...30 items! Of course you would probably put way less, but for me I hand it in my closet so I can see what I have and use what I need.

Second I'll show you the bottom pocket, which happens to be the same size as the top pocket. It too has more than enough room to put your goodies in. I have some of my extra eyeshadows and palettes in this one. Total I was able to stick about 24 different products in here and there was still room for more. The zipper held it closed and there wasn't any pulling at all.

Last but not least was the middle portion which holds your jewelry (or anything else) and your brushes. I don't normally keep my brushes on here as they have their own little carriers already. Here you can see that from little to big, the bag is able to accommodate them all. I even was able to put more than one on there and for the most part the hoops go back to their starting point after you take the brushes out. They weren't loose at all and held all the brushes tightly. There is also a little cover that goes over the top to keep everything nice and clean.

Thirty-One is having an awesome deal - spend $35 and get a large tote for only $10!! The tote is regularly $35 bucks so you could get a whole set of stuff for only $45! I mean seriously some of you ladies pay way more for just a wallet...you know who you are. You can pay by paypal or credit card. These would definitely make some great gifts for birthdays or even Christmas! Get your Christmas shopping started early, they'll love them. Most of the products can be personalized so it would make it really special. Also if you think you would like to sell Thirty-One products you can talk to Angela H and she will definitely help you out. All orders get shipped directly to you, and I can personally say it comes really fast!


Like I said before Angela H has been a great fan of mine so I've teamed up with her to bring you a great giveaway. You could win a cute zipper pouch from Thirty-one worth $15.00. I can definitely say that it's totally worth it because they are so well made. You can stuff them to the brim and it won't tear or break. They come in some really cute designs that will definitely fit your style. Shipping will be paid by Angela H, yay for free shipping...sort of. To win enter through the rafflecopter below!