June 8, 2013

Household Review: Pennington Seed Fertilzer

My sad little garden second time around - no green yet!

So I was super excited that I'd be able to try out Pennington's Smart Feed Sprayer System. I was just getting a garden started so it was perfect timing. Sadly we had some major rains which ended up killing my plants before they ever had a chance to really grow. I had to start all over again and it has been a little slow going. Thankfully I still had some of the fertilizer left to start over again. I planted lettuce, greens, tomato, jalapeno, and will add more as I get the chance. Thankfully we have long summers here in Texas so I have a little time to continue adding some veggies. 

First off it was super easy to use and set-up the sprayer. You twist it open, using very easy to see arrows, you then add the blue circles of fertilizer - either one or two and then twist it shut. Then you attach it to your hose, turn the water on and spray whatever you want to spray. I have to say though it can be a bit heavy especially if you have major arthritis. It is a bit bulky, but I managed it just fine. I have to say I was a bit surprised at how fast the water came out. There was a lot of pressure which was awesome. At first I was a bit annoyed with having to press the trigger, but I ended up finding it to be a real convenience. I was able to spray, readjust my hose and then spray again. 

As you can see to the left you just drop in the blue disks and twist the top closed. Make sure you close it correctly and that the black arrow is matched up to the arrow on the green lip. Believe me you want to really make sure because if not prepare to get sprayed. I made the mistake of not twisting it completely and like I mentioned above the pressure is pretty darn good. While I didn't necessarily like getting sprayed with fertilizer it was refreshing on a hot summer day. Not recommended though - seriously!

The attached head is great with its different spray functions. In total there are 5 different sprays along with drain. I happen to like the shower function for spraying directly onto my garden and jet for the rest of my yard. Flat also works really well to get the most area of yard. It's easy to change to different functions when it's needed.

Now I did notice that with the two tablets in my sprayer they dissolved really quickly so the water was really concentrated. I did read that you could over fertilize your plants so I'm hoping that didn't happen. With the second application from the separate container of discs sent they dissolved much slower so not sure why it was like that. I know a lot of complaints are that they dissolve too quickly making the water too concentrated. I think if the price were 2 bucks cheaper then they could leave those out because they seem to be a real issue. I'd rather have the sprayer and then the separate discs as a package for maybe about $20 which would still give you a savings of about $3-$4 dollars and Pennington would still be able to sell a good product. I do think its a great system even with the small issues. I'll definitely be using it again because it did make a difference in my yard...even though it's mostly weeds I am seeing more green. I definitely need to overhaul my yard, but being able to be outside and see more than just dirt is awesome! Yea, yea don't remind me that they're just weeds, but check out the pictures below. You only need to use the fertilizer discs every 7-10 days so the 4 discs could last you either a month or half a month.

Overall it was simple to use, while the tablets already in the sprayer were "so-so" the actual system is great. I would recommend getting the separate discs as those seem to dissolve a whole lot slower. You can purchase Pennington Smart Feed Sprayer System at Home Depot. So far that seems to be the only place you can buy them at so hoping they'll branch out to other home stores. They're priced at $12.98 down here in South Texas so the price will vary in your region. The discs are also available at Home Depot and go for about $9.98 for 4 tablets.


Poor Budha was hurt when I took this picture, he is feeling great now.


Look at all the green, yea they're weeds and such but better than nothing.

Disclaimer: I received this product from Penningtion and BzzAgent for the sole purpose of reviewing it. No further compensation was received and all opinions are my own.