June 16, 2013

Food Recipe: Pico de Gallo

So I'm not really a huge fan of salsa, I'll admit it. I think its a textural thing with it being not really smooth or chunky. I'm big on texture and anything that doesn't seem just right throws me off. Yes this means I end up turning away from a lot of foods, but I can't help it. Salsa is just one of those things that just doesn't rub me the right way, but I love the flavors. A great alternative to regular soupy weird salsa is "Pico de Gallo", which oddly enough means rooster's beak. I'm guessing it comes from the fact that the jalapeno or serrano peppers can sometimes "poke" you with its spiciness. I love making pico de gallo for every occassion as you don't really need a reason to make it. Also because you're just using veggies its actually a great snack, so skip the queso dip! The best thing is that its really easy to make - get ingredients, chop them up, throw them in a bowl, add some lime juice, a touch of salt and all done. Seriously can't get any simpler than that and its great with some chips or put them on some pork, chicken, and even beef.

1-2 tomatoes, chopped or diced (I like smaller pieces)
1 Small onion, chopped or diced (Again your preference small or big)
1/2 Cup fresh cilantro, chopped (optional - I personally don't use this in mine)
1-2 jalapeno or serrano peppers (seeded for less heat or leave the seeds in)
1 Clove garlic, minced (optional - I personally don't use this in mine)
3-4 limes (for a juicier lime look for one without a lot of "skin")
Salt and pepper to taste.

Combine all the ingredients and let it sit for awhile, at least an hour. That way all the flavors will be able to mix well together and it'll taste fantastic. So there ya go really simple and easy snack right? Do you guys like pico de gallo or salsa? Have any fun ways you like to eat it? I'd love to hear from ya'll.