May 5, 2013

Review: Ellagee Nail Polish

Ellagee Nail Polish

These are my first two "homemade" polishes and they're both by ellagee. I really had to push myself to buy polishes that were not made by a major company. I'm always worried about the quality of the polish, even when seeing other reviews. I'm so glad I decided to try out Ellagee's polishes first though because they were awesome.

Pay no attention to the typo!!

The first polish I tried out was "Party Like It's 1999" it was a black/grey holo polish with red, blue, green, and yellow glitter inside. Sadly the glitter was very hard to get and I ended up only getting some here and there on my nails where were not very visible because of the dark base. I was okay with that though because I loved the base by itself, it is so much more colorful in person than shown in the photos. 

The second polish was "Fly Me To The Moon" and was pretty typical glitter polish. It covered nicely and even on its own - below was two coats, it looked great. I went for a polish that I knew I would really like and wouldn't be too far a stretch from what I would normally get.

Hadn't noticed the polish on my middle finger - doh!


Overall I was really impressed with the wear of the polish - about 5 days, the colors - which were nice, no bleeding of the glitter, and the ease at which they went on. The polishes were super smooth, no chunky mess and they're pretty affordable at $8.50 a pop. I bought the two pack and it came in a cute little box which I thought added a sweet touch. If you're looking to buy some homemade polishes but are wary about the quality, try out ellagee! She will definitely not disappoint and shipping was great.

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