May 14, 2013

Children's Book Review & Giveaway

Children's Bookset

So while I was shopping at HEB for my monthly groceries I came upon these really cute children's books. I loved how they were illustrated, all by different people. They had a pretty big selection of books but I opted for the more well known ones. I chose 8 books that I thought most of us had read growing up. They're all great to help get the kiddos to bed, spend some time with them, and for them to get better with reading.

First up is the Gingerbread man illustrated by Gail Yerrill. If you don't know what the book is about well its about an old woman who wants to eat a tasty treat so she bakes a gingerbread man. Well I know I wouldn't want to get eaten and neither did the gingerbread man because he jumped up and ran away. This is a classic story retold by Louise Martin and will definitely get your little one laughing.

The next story on the list is Rumpelstiltskin which is illustrated by Erica-Jane Waters. I loved the vivid colors she used in the book. They are definitely eye-catching and will grab your little ones attention. If you aren't familiar with the story its about a miller who told a huge tale to the king about his daughter. His lies put his daughter in a pretty bad spot, but Rumpelstiltskin comes to her rescue? Be careful what you ask for.

The third book is Beauty and the Beast illustrated by Jacqueline East. The story isn't the same Disney story, in this version the girl is named Beauty and she has two sisters. Her father is a merchant who loses everything and gets lost in a forest only to be confronted by the Beast. I thought it was a bit iffy on the message though - she refuses to marry him until the very end when he turns into a human. Maybe beauty is skin deep, at least thats what I got from it.

I absolutely adore the illustrative work by Polana Lovsin. The story is the same one we all grew up with. I think the illustrations definitely bring this story to life. If you aren't familiar about the story its about a little duckling that is ridiculed about his looks. Everyone sees his "ugly" gray feathers and he feels horrible about it and hides himself. Well once he grows up he finds out he wasn't so ugly after all.

Little fact: a baby swan is actually called a cygnet, but I don't think "The Ugly Cygnet" would sound sa good.

The cute illustrations done by Erica-Jane Waters makes you almost forget the fact that Hansel and Gretel is about a witch that wants to eat children. I mean seriously some children's books are so out there, but it made sure you stayed close to home. For those of you who don't remember the story - Hansel and Gretel's step-mother take them into the woods and leave them because they can no longer care for everyone in the family. The meet a witch at a gingerbread house and have to fight for their lives.

Jack and the Beanstalk is another story that sort of strays from the story I remembered. This version Jack meets the giants wife who helps him while he is basically stealing from her husband. The story ends the same though with the giant dying after Jack cuts the beanstalk down. This version is illustrated by Gavin Scott whose drawings are bit more rough with a childlike look to them.

Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs is the 7th book that I'll be giving away and its illustrated by Jacqueline East. This story stays true to the stories I grew up with as well as the Disney story. Evil stepmother jealous and crazy goes after poor Snow White for being "fairer" than her. Handsome prince comes to kiss her and voila she wakes up and they wed. We all know the story and I for one am still waiting for my handsome prince to come whisk me away to some palace far away.

The Princess and the Pea was actually a story I didn't really remember ever reading. I know I heard of it a couple of times but didn't really remember it. Apparently princesses' have very sensitive backs because she could feel a teeny tiny pea underneath tons of mattresses.