May 28, 2013


I love these biscuits, they're delish and do exactly what they say they'll do. I can tell ya one thing don't get these confused with cookies because they're not. I didn't really understand why they were called biscuits though. It's true what most of our friends "across the pond'  consider biscuits - we think of them as cookies. Whatever you call them biscuit or cookie they're still pretty darn tasty. They are not too sweet and are a bit harder than I was expecting. I like more chewy soft type cookies and such, this was hard and crisp.  

The biscuits themselves are oval shaped and you get four in the pack. They aren't too thick and at first I thought they would leave me hungry. That wasn't the case at all! After two I was already feeling a bit full, of course I had a glass of milk, but never thought I'd be full. After the third biscuit I bowed out and left the last one to be split in two by my nephews. Three biscuits and I was full and ready to go. As the house passed and when I'd normally start feeling that hunger didn't come. Nope I was still full and didn't feel like eating anything at all. Once lunch time came I hadn't even realized I hadn't snacked on a thing since breakfast. I didn't need to and it was nice. I had myself a salad for lunch and drank some water and wondered.

I wondered what was in those three biscuits that could leave me feeling so full when other breakfasts had not. Because they're made to slowly release carbs to keep your body feeling full and keep you ready to go.
Also they're made with five wholegrains, they’re rich in cereals, a source of fibre, they contain no added colours or preservatives and have a low glycemic index (GI). So far there are only five flavors of belvita in the US. Our UK friends have 6 with two different yogurt varieties. So if you're looking for a great on the go breakfast then you need to check out belvita!

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and no compensation was received. I purchased these products on my own because I wanted to try them out.