March 23, 2013

WNW Ombre Kit

Wet 'N Wild
Ombre Style Kit - Variety of Colors

I saw these in the store as I was shopping for something else and decided it was something I definitely needed to have. Now I love Wet N' Wild and use their products a lot so I had high hopes for this set. Now I went ahead and grabbed the three different colors that were available. - brown, blue, and purple. The sets had a good variety in colors ranging from very light to dark. It would make doing the ombre trend much easier, right? Well that's the idea and it does, for the most part, deliver on making it easier. Light I stated before the colors are already picked for you so it takes the guess work completely out of the picture. 

I chose the brown to try out as I thought the more fun colors would be better to share with you guys. Individually I love the colors - the colors included are a white, a creamier white, a lightish pink, a mid town brown, and then a dark brown. I tried them in various ways and got different looks. Thats what is so fun about these sets - you can use them in all kinds of ways. Get creative and just go to town with them, like the southwestern themed manicure I did to the right - see it? You can use the 5 different colors in any way you choose. Do a lighter ombre look with the three lighter colors, or choose the three darkest. Really the choice is yours! One of the great things about these sets are they are super affordable at only $3.50 each! I mean seriously thats a great deal, even for mini polishes. So what do you guys think? Do you like the set? Have you seen them in your area stores?