March 24, 2013

Legend of the Oceina Dragon Book Review

Legend of the Oceina Dragon

by JF Jenkins

Lord Oceina approaches the island Of Oceina when it is time for the giving of a sacrifice. This sacrifice enables the island people to live without fear of the other dragons nearby, and live life without worrying about the lives of their people.

The sacrifice must be a virgin, no older than 18 years old, of pure blood; this sacrifice is given to Lord Oceina as a trade for peace, safety and protection for the island residents. The residents find the sacrifice is just and acceptable and even the bearer considers them self to be worthy and special to be chosen. They approach their day of sacrifice to only find it is not what the past has portrayed but a whole different meaning to the word sacrifice.

There are four dragon species, representing different elements and each having their own qualities and abilities which are indescribably mystical.

Darien is the youngest of his species, Lord Oceina being his father hands Darien his sacrifice on his 18th birthday. His birthday gift if you may call it that - her name is Tai. A sacrifice I'm sure they will both remember.

My Review:
I've read a few of J.F. Jenkins books and this one definitely doesn't disappoint. I really love reading books that are in a series because I think it allows the reader time to get to know a particular character. J.F. Jenkins does an excellent job on allowing the characters enough room for growth as well as the plot. It is a YA romance novel, but it shouldn't be labeled with just that because its full or mystery and suspense. 

The characters are well thought out and really likeable. The setting is amazing and I would love to see into the mind of J.F. Jenkins because I don't know how she came up with Oceina.

Darien was a great character and my favorite in the book. He is definitely a great guy and I can't wait to read more about him and to see how he matures, because he has a lot on his plate. 

Tai is just a regular girl and is chosen to be the "sacrifice" to the dragon king. She obviously doesn't know what that means and ends up having a hatred for Darien even before she meets him. Talk about being confused when she finds herself falling in love with the "enemy". That's always a fun time isn't it?

I can't wait to read the next installment in the series and hope it is as good as this book, although I'm sure it will be.

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