March 12, 2013

Jesse's Girl Frosted Gumdrop Polish Set

Julie G Nail Polish 

 By Jesse's Girl Cosmetics

This is the Frosted Gumdrop polish set from Jesse's Girl Cosmetics and Julie G Nail Polish by Creative Rsearch Labs. It comes with 6 different colors red orange, red, orange, purple, blue, and aqua. Below I have photos showing them with flash and sunlight. All polishes only needed 2 coats to cover as they are saturated with different sized glitter. You can leave them without a top coat which leaves it rough and more matte; or add atop coat to make it smooth and shinier. Either way the shimmer and shine of these are so pretty whether you're inside or outside.

  The red orange is so bright as well and was kind of hard to photograph with flash. I actually forgot to get an outside shot so had to do an inside in regular light. I'll probably end up taking another photo tomorrow so you guys can get a better idea of what the true color is.

Red is so concentrated and a very true red. As stated above only two coats and it was opaque.

Orange, wow made me hungry for some orange. Seriously loved it and even though orange isn't a favorite color of mine I could see myself wearing this all the time.

Purple, well can't say much other than I love purple polishes. This polish has some added blue glitter into it for some added dimension.

Can you see the blue specs of blue?

This blue green color is totally fantastic and I'm wearing it right now. It was very hard to photograph because it looks totally different in different lights. Some it appears more green while others it is more blue. This goes to show you the wide range of this color.

This was a silvery blue and even has a hint of purple in it. In low light it really comes off as more silvery looking and I love it. I think it would make a perfect color for the summer and winter.

Overall I really enjoyed this set and for $20.00 shipped it was totally worth it because shipping was super fast. I mean I literally got it within a couple days after ordering it. If you love glitter polishes, like myself, then this is a definitely a set you'll need to get.