February 17, 2013

Upcoming Reviews - PIC HEAVY


Fergie - Tonight's Gonna Be a Good Night, Rock n' Roll, Them Boys Go Loco
Spoiled - The Parking Meteor Expired, Shaken Snow Globe
So I have been saying a lot about doing some reviews and it just seems that life likes to come and get in the way. Right now things are just so chaotic with my family that it's hard to sit down and type about happy fun things. I'll get out of this funk (hopefully soon) and you guys will get reviews and giveaways. Right now I'll just show some preview photos of all the new polishes and other products I've gotten. I need to push myself to get back into the groove of things, because at the end of the day life goes on. I'm hoping that you guys don't leave me and that you'll be here when I come back. So now for the parade of polishes....enjoy!

LA Colors - Copper

Spoiled - Jewelry Heist

Love & Beauty (Forever 21) - Pink Glitter

Nabi - Mocha

Nabi - Bronze

KleanColor - Orchid Chrome

Milani - Cyberspace
Julep - Hermione (crackle), Ingrid, Julianne, Sarah, Glenn, Sienna

Hedy's Manishma - Blaster, Spoiled Ants in My Pants

Julep - Oxygen Nail Treatment and Top Coat

Nunaat Brazilian Hair Care System