December 7, 2012


So I also had the chance to check out the art book for Halo 4, and I was definitely impressed. Now I've never been one for "Shoot'em up" type games as I totally lack the hand eye coordination for them, but this book swayed me...a little. I didn't buy into the hype of any of the Halo games, but seeing the pictures in this book, well they were pretty amazing.

This book has 192 pages filled with huge photos, sometimes spanning across two pages, that are crisp and vivid. The concept art is highly detailed leading you into a whole new world.

If you are a Halo Fan you will definitely love this book, it's a must have!

Awakening: Halo 4 gives you a look at new characters, creatures, and items that you'll find in the game. Of course it doesn't take any fun out of playing the game. You can even compare the scenes in the game from the sketches and drawings in the book. You can definitely tell the differences and how the look changed from the start to finish.

The guys over at 343 Industries must be filled to the brim with creativity. They paid so much attention to detail it's mind boggling how they were able to come up with so much lavish designs.

So if you love you some Halo, then you should pick this book up!

I received this book from Titan Books, and I love them for it! All opinions are my own and no further compensation was given.

Maybe I'll have to try playing Halo again and see if my aim has gotten any better.

I love that guy --> I'm sure he isn't too nice and would kill me in the game, but he is so ugly he is cute, no?