November 8, 2012


I was pretty excited to try these out as I'm always looking for a healthy alternative to chips. BzzAgent sent me three great flavors to try out. They were all good, some more than others, and better than chips! They are all natural, don't have any preservatives, or any other bad stuff. It really is a great, healthy choice for you and your family.

yummy delicious popcorn!
The first bag I grabbed was the Sour Cream flavored popcorn and they were absolutely delicious. It had a great texture and flavor, and didn't taste "fake". I have tried many similar products that had the weirdest texture, which took away from the experience. You know that weird texture I'm talking about, that Styrofoam feel. They are a great healthy snack for me, especially right now that I'm really trying hard to get healthy. The bag was really easy to open and I liked that it was resealable. This meant it would stay fresher longer and kept it from getting stale and gross.


The second bag I tried was the Cinnamon Brown Sugar popped chips. They too had a great texture, were super crunchy and full of flavor. Sometimes popped chips can have a cardboard feel to them. These were crispy and crunchy, and definitely no grease! They weren't overly sweet, all the flavors were balanced. There wasn't ever a time where I grabbed a chip and thought, ugh that's too much. I know we've all been there, done that. It was a great sweet snack that I and the kids enjoyed. 

Last was the Garlic Tomato Basil Hummus Chips and sadly to say, I was not a fan. They had a great crunch, but the flavor was just way too out of my comfort zone. It just had a weird after taste for me, but I've never tried hummus before so wasn't sure if it was supposed to taste that way. If you love hummus I'm sure you'll love these, they did have a great taste when it came to the tomato and basil.

Overall they were a great treat, super affordable, and available in many locations. I have bought more popcorn since trying these out because they were just so great tasting. 

Disclaimer: Products were provided to me by BzzAgent  exclusively to try out and review. All opinions are my own and no further compensation was given.