October 13, 2012

Mating Call: Dragon's Woman Bk 1 Review

 Synopsis:Cora Phillips, a daughter of the Lune tradition of witches, spent her adult life avoiding anything remotely paranormal until a persistent nightmare of dying in a fire drives her back to the bosom of her family in New York City. When she unwittingly draws the attention of two dragon spirits and the men who command them, her days of avoidance come to an abrupt end.

Caught up in the sexual energy projected by both dragon spirits and the possessive claims of their dragon lords, Cora struggles to understand and cope with the realities of life for a Lune who has issued a MATING CALL. 

My Review:
Mating Call centers on the main character, Cora Phillips, as she comes to terms with her new found powers. She wasn't exactly happy about it either as she had spent most of her life avoiding the fact that she was a witch. Everything was going alright for her until her sister drags her to a party. There she meets a fortune teller and a "collector".

The both end up to be integral players in the story but Cora doesn't know that at first. While she is trying to find herself and connect to her ancestry she ends up connecting to more than she could handle. She ends up doing a mating call to a dragon. Cora definitely wasn't expecting to call one dragon nevertheless two dragons. So there she is stuck in the middle between to dragons warring to mate with her. Wait...did I just say mate? Yup, I just said she has to mate with the dragon and it isn't exactly what you think.

Mating Call was a great read that was a bit racier than the books I normally read but it wasn't too brazen. It was well written and has great characters. I can't wait to read the rest of the books as it really was engaging.

About the author:
Emily Ryan-Davis lives in Maryland with her loving husband and hateful guinea pig. On any given day, you can find her shopping (online or in stores), chatting/writing (the pair go hand in hand, can't have one without the other), knitting (or buying yarn) or mocking her husband's comic collection (while parenthetically wondering why comics haven't upgraded to the ebook age; imagine all the extra space she'd have). Occasionally she picks up her mandolin, but mostly she just ignores it. You won't find her paying attention to current events or the latest celebrity gossip because writing stories is her way of pretending it doesn't matter that she doesn't know how to use the television remote.
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