September 22, 2012

Mail Call and Parties!


So I got some great stuff today in the mail and from Fedex. Now days aren't always this good, but sometimes it's like Christmas at my house. Today Fedex brought me a package from House Party for a Kleenex sponsored party for myself, family, and friends.

House Party is a website where you can apply to host parties in your home for your family and friends. In doing this you and your guests get to try out products for FREE. It can be a bit difficult to get chosen so when you do make sure you share, take photos, comment and just show that you're appreciative. That way you'll have more of a chance at getting picked again. I just got picked for my second one and its from Kleenex! I got a box full to share and one for myself. Along with the towels I got soap making kits for liquid soap. How sweet! 

From the regular mailman I got a win from Marlboro's IWG - a beanie cap. I got a book from who knows where - Resident Evil: Retribution. Baby Talk mag and a really cool speaker. I got it from SKOAL a while back and it is truly super cool!

Super cute right!?