September 19, 2012

So I have been a member of ExpoTv for a little over a yr now. I joined up under some blog and didn't do much with it until recently. Yup it was one of those things that you just join so you can have one more entry to win a prize. Well I was dumb to not use it to its fullest potential.

Here is my dashboard from today 9/19/12
It's super easy to do all you need is to check out the dashboard for reviews they are looking for. Also you can check out the "Most Wanted" section to see if you have products they want reviewed as well. A lot of the "Most Wanted" products have higher point payouts. The videos are simple to do, just say the product name, what you like or don't like, and do it all in less than 3mins. Super easy and because they are so short you can do multiple videos in a day like me.

After you've shot your video then you need to upload it. You have to create a short review/report about the product and then you're ready to upload the video!

Most videos payout 300-500pts so with a few done you can really rake in the points. I have a little over 10,000pts right now and I'm still saving it up. I'm not sure what I want, but that $100 GC is totally calling my name. That is 12,00pts so I'm not that many videos away!

Or want a Dyson Vacuum cleaner and don't want to shell out a whole lotta cash? Guess what they have one too! As long as you stay on course and make videos you'll have it in no time!

Now that isn't all ExpoTv offers, while they have some awesome products that you can redeem your points for. You can also try out products in your home using the Tryology program. You take screener surveys to make sure you qualify and then ExpoTv will let you know if you get in. The only problem with this is there are very limited spots and many people apply. So check it often after you've applied to ensure you get the product to try out. I have tried baby products, hair products, beauty products, and food in my own home. Whatever they send is yours to keep! Oh and they do put out some excellent products like tvs, lawnmowers, sheds, etc but you have to make sure you are active enough.

So now that you've seen what ExpoTv is all about what are you waiting for? Join today and start earning those pts!!Just click on the ExpoTv links and you're there!