August 8, 2012

Reader's Nook - COWS! Book Review


So I needed to get some reading done and I reached for Cows! I couldn't sleep afterwards though because I was too afraid the cows would get me. No I didn't type that wrong...really the cows will get me! They're coming for us all as we sit there oblivious to there dastardly deeds. I mean letting loose all that methane gas and putting all of humankind in danger, well that's some heavy stuff. Okay wait, I think I'm getting ahead of myself here. You see Martin D Rothery explains it all so nicely in his book, "Cows!". In this quirky funny book he exposes that those pretty docile animals that do nothing but chew cud all day are really evil masterminds. Yup, it's all there in that one tiny unassuming book. Why those cows even try to trick you with that sweet looking face on the cover. Don't let them fool you like they did me!  

Cows! is a really well written book that is fun for all ages. My niece read it and laughed, but you know I laughed when I read it to. Who would ever think that cows could be such menaces. They can control us with telepathy and make us do horrible things for them. Seriously how scary would that be? There is no telling what those cows would do to us. Well, unless you don't have much a brain then you'll be safe. Yup, for those individuals that we "normal" folk call a little dimwitted or slow, well they're quite safe. The cows can't control them and well its left to people like them and Jimmy Tatley. Jimmy is a 14yr old boy who isn't necessarily book smart, well he isn't really smart at all. He is great with animals though, such as his dog Flossy. Jimmy wakes up one morning to complete silence which is obviously pretty odd. He heads over to Farmer Kens house and finds both Farmer Ken and his wife in bed...mooing. Yup! That's right mooing! There is more but really I don't want to spoil it for you.

Don't you want to head out right now and get this book? Or maybe you'd rather stay in and order it online like at You can get the kindle version there for a low, low price of $4.67! Seriously that's really inexpensive especially for a book that is vital to your safety! Just be careful though because I'm sure the cows don't want you to have this book. Why it may cause an uprising, and well what will you do then?

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