August 26, 2012

Beauty Review Essie # 942

Essie Metallics

"Penny Talk"

I love Essie polishes as they are long lasting, durable, and on the more affordable end. They're always really pigmented and go on smooth. So when I was again sent a bottle from Klout and Essie I was super excited. Essie came out with their own metallic shades: blue rhapsody, nothing else metals, no place like chrome, good as gold, and penny talk. I was fortunate enough to get "Penny Talk" from my Klout perk. So being an Essie fan I had very high expectations for their new collection. I can honestly say that I'm not a huge fan of Penny Talk. When I think of a penny I think of the shiny copper color that is bright, this is more lukewarm. Its very understated and more of a pink color than copper. I think it just matches too much with my skin color for my liking. I wanted a pop of color and I think it was a total dud.

While I wasn't much a fan of the color it is still a great polish. It went on pretty smoothly, much easier than the Julep metallic polishes. I still got some streaking, but it wasn't too bad. I will more than likely be passing this polish on to someone else to enjoy.