August 15, 2012

Beauty Corner Reviews: Wet N Wild #223C


I went to Walgreens the other day looking to see what goodies I could find. I came across this Wet 'N Wild polish called "The Gold and the Beautiful". At the low price of $1.99 well how could I not buy it up. I have gotten on the glitter craze hitting the streets, and I'm loving it. It would look great on top of another shade, but even by itself it looks great. 

This picture was taken using 3 coats of polish, but because its so packed with glitter it isn't too sheer. It went on smoothly and the glitter is really fine so it isn't chunky at all. I didn't have to use more than 1 coat of top coat because it was really smooth already. It dried super fast which was great because I had to put three coats before I was happy with it. I noticed that it makes my nails look longer, which I love! Whether you wear polish all the time or you're new to the craze, I'd highly recommend getting this polish.