June 20, 2012

Beauty Corner Reviews - JULEP Daisy


So I ended up purchasing another box of polishes from JULEP and ended up with another yellow polish. The is the second one they have sent me so at first I thought it was a dup of "Blake". This was not the case, while Blake was a very light, mellow yellow; Daisy is intense. I noticed with Daisy the polish was creamier, and more full. I liked that as it meant less layers of polish would be needed to cover my nail. 

I put it on and wow, I actually really loved it and am actually pleased about getting the June box. Like the other Julep polishes it lasted for about 7days before it chipped. You can either buy them in stores or online for $14 each or get a Julep Maven box for $19.99. I'm still up in the air about whether these are worth that price. Because you receive another item along with the two polishes I'd say everything is about $6.67 each.