June 10, 2012

Beaty Corner Review - COS BAR at Target

at Target


So I think we've all seen the commercials on tv about COS BAR at Target. I've been contemplating on whether or not I should buy some polish and finally did. They are pretty affordable at $3.00 and you get 0.33 fl oz which isn't much smaller than most polishes on the market. There are only 4 colors available right now: "Copper", "Purple", "Lime Green" and Bronze. They had only Purple and Copper left at my Target store so I grabbed Copper up. I have a ton of purple polishes but not a lot of orange. Thats surprsingly what this polish is, a bright orange with yellow specks throughout. I was expecting something more brownish orange, but its still a pretty color. It was smooth, creamy and only took 2 coats to cover.

As soon as they have more colors at my Target I'll buy them as well. The only problem is aside from "Copper" I have the colors already in my collection. I think while they colors are pretty, they have been done before. I'm looking for something new and exciting.