May 21, 2012

Home Garden

So with prices going up and up on produce, I decided to try my hand at gardening. I've never tried to garden and I'm not sure if I even will be able to get it to work. So I grabbed some seeds, dirt, and containers and got to work. I got veggies that are eaten and used the most at my house - tomatoes, cucumbers, jalapenos, and onion. My mother loves pico de gallo so I figured just grow my own and save money! How hard could it be...right?

Well so far I haven't seen anything peeking out from under the dirt. I haven't given up yet and I won't stop trying till I see some green! I'm committed to this and if I can get those to grow I may just have to expand on the variety. Once I get the chance I'll get some photos for you guys, but right now as I type this its almost 2am and time for bed.

Wish me luck and hopefully I have a green thumb and we'll be eating some veggies in no time!