May 25, 2012

Beauty Corner Review - Sally Hansen #906


So while shopping at Walmart for some stuff I came across Sally Hansen Magnetic. I have seen magnetic polishes before, but didn't buy because they were kind of expensive. These are $5.97 for one, which isn't a bad deal at all. I got the blue color because I love blue polishes and the effects were pretty cool.

You start off like any other polish - with a base coat. I use Sally Hansen's Advanced Hard as Nails to help strengthen. Next you do a regular thin layer of the polish and wait for it to dry. The second layer needs to be a little thicker, I guess to pull up more of the darker color. Once you have your thick layer on their you grab the removable top with the magnet on it.

Its kind of hard to tell from the above picture, but towards the left side there is an indention. You put that indention towards the cuticle on your nail. Depending on how long you hold it, the darker color comes through. For me I counted to 20 seconds before take it off. 

The picture above shows how you place the top over your nail. As you can see the purple arrow is changing the lighter blue into a darker blue. With my ring and pinkie finger I tried to see if I could get the wave in a different direction. For my ring finger I put indention hanging off my nail, which is why the polish is messed up. I got it a little too close to the magnet and they touched. The wave doesn't show as dark as if you were doing it the "correct" way, but it still works. For the pinky finger I did it diagonally and as you can see it worked as well. 

Overall I really liked this polish, even with it being pretty thick it didn't take too long to dry. I've only had it on for a few hours so I'll have to update later on as to how many days it lasted. If it's like other Sally Hansen polishes it should be for about 5-7 days.