April 29, 2012

Reader's Nook Book Review - Riversong



It seems like the main character, Lee Tucker, has never had anything come easy. She had a hard childhood and finally thought everything was going great. That was until her husband committed suicide and the loan sharks come to collect the $1 million dollars they loaned him. Of course she has no idea he got money from them so she does the only thing she can, she runs.

Lee runs back home to the house where she so desperately tried to get away from. While there she gets a job in a failing restaurant and brings it back to life. She meets some resistance in the owners son, who doesn't take lightly to someone else coming into his space. She deals with her issues of losing her husband, running for her life, and then she finds out she's pregnant. She finds romance along the way while balancing the thought of being a mother and being found by the loan sharks.

This is a great romance book which isn't too heavy on the adult situations. I love the characters as they are funny and impressionable. Riversong is just an all around great read that you'll just love.

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