April 19, 2012

Infinite Dreams Headbands

So while I am out of work might as well and try and keep myself busy and try and help out with making and selling headbands. Now I know hair accessories are everywhere and its more of a buyers market right now. But I hope that you guys like them enough to overlook all that.

I made these at home at my desk with my own sewing machine. While my mother does smoke and I do have dogs, I have NEVER received any complaints about smells or pet hair. I wash everything before packing to ensure that there isn't any smell. So I figured at $3 with $2 shipping the price is really good. You get a nice headband for $5 dollars and help out a page you love (hopefully). I need to take pictures of all the individual fabric I have so you guys can choose for a more custom look. Thanks for always being there guys and thanks for the fun!

 Here is a sample of my headbands that I do. I try to pick out really fun colors and patterns.If you'd like to buy one you can check out my Facebook page.