April 2, 2012



So I finally bit the bullet and bought into all the hype, the Julep Maven Box. I bought it because it was 1 cent and figured...well other people have said it was good. Let's try it out! It came super fast, like within 3days which was great time. It was packaged nicely and securely, with no breakage. 

The first thing I grabbed was the hand scrub. The size was good and when I opened it up it smelled good. Although I would recommend shaking it before squeezing as there was some liquid that came out. You know like when you have mustard or ketchup and don't shake it before squeezing. It exfoliated, it softened, and it did its job. I have to say this was the first time I've ever used a hand scrub, but it was nice. 

Of course the hand scrub wasn't the real reason why I got the Julep Maven...oh no. It was for the polish that so many have raved about. That so many have said so many great things about, you know that polish. Well here it goes, my review on the Julep Polishes that I received. 

First up was "Blake" which is a very mellow yellow that I don't really think goes well with my skin color. This was included in the "Boho Glam" which isn't really my style. I didn't have a yellow polish so figured might as well keep it. The polish itself was runny...very runny and pretty messy as well. It took three coats to cover and I can actually still see some areas on my nails where the nail is showing. They sell them for $14 if you'd like to buy it, but personally I don't think it should be that much.

Next was Meryl which is a very light gray color. It too was runny, but it covered much easier due to its darker color. I really like this and have already thought of other ways to use this. I would totally buy Meryl again if a. it wasn't $14 and b. it was a bigger bottle. I think although it's nice and I like it, I can't justify paying $14. Maybe if it was somewhere closer to $5 I think it would be a great buy. 

Overall the polishes were "OK" and the hand scrub was great, but that too is overpriced in my opinion. It was a great value for $.01 though and if you got in on that deal, great job! I don't think I'll keep my account with Julep Maven though, I don't think these items are really worth $19.95