March 15, 2013

Rimmel Polish Review


Hi all, so as I was perusing Walgreens for some good deals I came across some Rimmel polish. I had a coupon for a $1 off and they were pretty affordable at $3.79. So I had to bite! I bought 3 polishes, a base/top coat, #370 Wild Orchid, and #410 Purple Rain.

First is the combo base and top coat PRO. I really like it and its actually replaced my Essie top coat. I love the wide brush as it covers my nail smoothly and quickly. Also, at $2.79 (w/coupon) it is the cheapest base coat and top coat that I own.

Sorry for the ugly nails!

Next I chose #370 Wild Orchid which has a very deep lavender color. It is very thick and I actually only needed one coat. That was a total first for me and I think I love it more for that. I normally don't do such light colors, but this is just too awesome to ignore. I love it and it fits nicely in my growing arsenal.

Doesn't it look so lush!?

Last was #410 Purple Rain which is a deep dark purple with dark red undertones. I don't exactly love it as much as Wild Orchid, but it's still a great polish. It also doesn't have the same consistency as the Wild Orchid. It's a bit looser and not so thick, so it took two coats to cover my nail.

Sorry for the cruddy job, I still haven't mastered painting with my left hand. lol

I'm so glad I chose to try out Rimmel polish because I absolutely love them! Rimmel almost always has $1 off coupons so you can totally stock up on some great inexpensive polish.