March 15, 2012

Review: Mark on the dot Compact


I have bought mark. products in the past but honestly had never gotten any eyeshadow. So when I was presented the opportunity to get some I jumped at the chance. I got "on the dot" eye color compact in color. They also offer a compact in neutral which has much more browns in it. I like that there is a good choice of colors on the compact. As you can see in the picture there is something for everyone, I think anyway.

The colors are very shimmery and glittery, but not to the point where it dissuades me from using it.  The colors are vibrant and pigmented and look great on my eyes. I used the green, brown, and the lightest color on the top left to do my eye below. I think it looks pretty good, especially for someone who doesn't really put eye-shadow on.

My biggest gripe has to be the fact that it doesn't have a large mirror on it. The mirror is pretty small and is actually were the eye-shadow brushes are placed.

sorry for the blurriness I just picked the best one; I was seeing dots for a while afterwards.
Along with the eye-shadow I got, I got some eye-shadow brushes which worked great. Even though they are the mini kind, they do a fantastic job. They are easy to use and hold. You can purchase the on the dot compact for $16.00 and the mini brushes for $6.50 each. They are great on your eyes and easy on your wallet, what's better than that?