March 27, 2012

Orchid Nail Polish

There was a new polish I came across while shopping in HEB grocery stores. Orchid is a pretty affordable polish at $3.99 and they have a wide range of colors with about 50-60 different ones.. 

First up is "Cougarville" and its a very deep bright red and the polish is a a bit thicker than "Girls Night Out". All I really needed was one coat of polish to cover my nail completely. While my skin is a little darker I like the way this color looked and I wear it often. 

Second was #147 "Girls Night Out" it is a very shiny glittery pink. It goes on smoothly and dries pretty quickly. It looks okay by itself with about 3 coats or you can wear it on top of another color. It changes the shade of pink depending on the color you put on underneath.  I really liked it and for $3.99 is was a great value.