March 28, 2012

Review Seduction of Sebastian St James by R. Van Dyken

Seduction of Sebastion St. James
 by Rachel Van Dyken

When the angelic Duke of Tempest, Sebastian St. James, appeared unexpectedly at his boyhood friend’s home, he had but one goal: Find a suitable wife as soon as possible. However, his impeccable reputation made him a prime target for ambitious mothers of debutante daughters. He needed a plan. Help came in the form of an unlikely alliance with Miss Emma Gates, the beautiful daughter of a wealthy viscount, who has deemed herself on the shelf, and only wants to marry in order to appease her parents. Together they could sort through the mire of would-be mates to find their perfect matches. That is, if they could keep their hands off each other long enough to pursue likely candidates.

My Review:
This story mainly focuses on the angelic Duke of Tempest, Sebastian St James and of a "ruined" young woman named Emma Gates. The Duke is in his 30s and its time he find a suitable wife, even if he doesn't want one. So when Ms Emma Gates shows up he jumps at the opportunity to get her help in the matter. Emma is in her early 20s and is looking for a husband who will overlook her sordid past. She also doesn't really want a husband so she easily conspires with the Duke to fool everyone. The only problem is they're the ones that get fooled as they fall in love with each other.

This was a quintessential romance story of two people who don't like each other in the beginning only to fall madly in love. The characters are all well thought out and are extremely likable. Even though the story has its serious moments the characters say or do something funny to lighten the mood. One thing that was unexpected was that it is really funny. It had me laughing at the antics that both the Duke and Emma get into.

Things get a bit more serious though when a man from Emma's past comes around and basically tries to ruin everything. He knows the real truth as to why Emma isn't married yet and threatens to tell the Duke about it. 

The book is after all a romance and you get your fair share of steamy moments, but not too steamy. It was a little predictable in the fact that I kind of knew they'd end up together, but it never stopped me from reading it. This story has it all romance, comedy, and suspense all neatly wrapped up. It was a great afternoon read and I'd highly recommend looking up other books written by Rachel Van Dyken.

I'm basically re-sharing this review because I'll be reading another book by Rachel Van Dyken and doing a review on it. It's another romance book, but hey we all need a little romance in our lives right?