March 4, 2012

Book Review - Starlighter

Starlighter (Dragons Of Starlight, #1)Starlighter by Bryan Davis

Synopsis: Dragons are enslaving humankind and a black egg signals the end of the world. Jason Masters must journey to another realm and join forces with a slave girl named Koren to rescue the captives and save two worlds from destruction. What if the Legends Are True? Jason Masters doubted the myths: people taken through a portal to another realm and enslaved by dragons. But when his brother is taken, he must uncover the truth and find the portal before it's too late. Once he's through the portal, he meets Koren, a slave in the dragons’ realm, who struggles to destroy a black egg prophesied to doom all mankind. Jason and Koren must work together to save their two worlds before the dragons learn that their secrets have been discovered. In Starlighter, bestselling author Bryan Davis masterfully weaves fantasy and inspiration into a captivating novel for young adults.

My Review:
So I finished ready Book 1 in the Dragons of Starlight: Starlighter. This book focuses on two main characters: a boy named Jason Masters and a girl named Koren. It goes back and forth between their two stories.

With Jason's character I wish he had been described more as I couldn't really envision what he looked like. He kind of is the typical hero that must overcome his adversities and learn to work with others.

With Koren she is a bit more mysterious with her red hair and green eyes. She is quick witted and very intelligent, always pulling from her abilities as a Starlighter. She is the more obvious choice for a hero, in my opinion anyway.

Overall, I liked the book and look forward to reading the second in the series, Warrior. I hope that a lot of the questions that I am left with will be answered in the next installment. Bryan Davis did get me to enjoy his book and have me waiting for the next.