March 10, 2012

Book Review & Giveaway: The Soul Collector


The Synopsis: Abby McNabb is a typical sixth grader. She hates her hair, thinks her mom is too strict, envies her best friend…Oh, and Abby's father is crazy. Andy McNabb is a famous author known for his investigations of aliens, ghosts and all things paranormal. This embarrasses Abby to no end, until the day he takes her on one of his learning adventures … and for the first time in her life, she sees a ghost, too.  As Abby, along with her friend Claudia and cousin, Chase, work to uncover the truth about her father's past and his future, she is faced with losing him forever when destiny pushes him toward his forgotten life. Join Abby and her loving but troubled father as she learns what it means to believe in make-believe and trust what you cannot see. 

My Review:
I was given the chance to review a great book by author Tracy L. Carbone. The Soul Collector is a YA (young adult) book that has a Sci-Fi twist to it. Even though it is YA it is totally safe for younger kids to read. There are no sexual undertones or anything violent. It is a shorter book at 209pgs, but that's a great size for a weekend read. 

The story centers around Abby Mcnabb, who at the age of 11 is a young adult herself. Abby parents are divorced and the story centers more around her relationship with her father Andy. Andy Mcnabb is a paranormal author and is a bit unusual. He was a really fun character to read and as crazy as he was he was also believable. The whole stories really begins when Andy and Abby along with her cousin, Chase, and best friend, Claudia, all go to America's Stonehenge to do an investigation. Abby ends up seeing a ghost like the ones her father writes about and things definitely start to change. Without giving away the whole story, things are way more "alien" than Abby first thought. 

The story has some great teaching moments scattered all throughout the book. It focuses on acceptance, dealing with bullies, and divorces. I think the way Carbone approaches the touchy subject of being a child with divorced parents, was in a way that so many kids and adults can identify with. It is so full of exciting imagery from the first page till the last page, it will surely have your own little young adult wanting more. 

Want the chance to read this book for yourself? You can find it HERE at her page.  
You can also visit her website at Tracy Carbone to see what other books she has written. 

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**All opinions are my own and I was given a copy of the book to read and review.