March 6, 2012

Book Review: Lost Book of Mala R.

The Lost Book of Mala R.The Lost Book of Mala R. by Rose MacDowell

In a once-grand Southern California neighborhood, Linda, a New York City transplant, is panicking over the disappearance of her precocious ten-year-old stepdaughter. Christine, who has struggled to get pregnant for years, finds herself expecting a baby—just as her husband is accused of murder. And Audrey, who’s always played it safe because of her family’s history of bad luck, takes a romantic risk and suddenly finds herself facing a disaster of her own. 

When an old journal surfaces at a neighbor’s tag sale, the women are inexorably drawn into the life of Mala Rinehart, an itinerant Romany woman who wrote down spells and predictions in a cryptic, slanting hand. As the three women feel the pull from across sixty intervening years, they vow to discover what became of Mala. For through the worn pages, their happiness has intertwined with hers, their futures spelled out in her chants and recipes. And as they unravel the mystery of Mala’s origins, their lives transform in ways they never could have expected.

My Review:
I was pretty excited when I got an email saying I won this book. When it got here I didn't pick it up right away as I was reading another book. Once I picked it up though I couldn't put it down. The story involved 4 different women and their very different lives. Even though there were four different stories being told, I never once got lost. The characters were developed really well and were like-able. It told a great story of losing it all, but getting so much more in the end. 

My biggest gripe is the end, I would have loved to have heard more about the character, Zina, and what happened to her. I am really looking forward to reading a sequel