March 21, 2012

Beauty Corner Review


So a very sweet fan of mine sent me some eyeshadows that she had extras of. It was very sweet of her so I decided to try them out. I actually haven't ever seen these before, but I was never really a make-up type gal so that could be the reason. Anyway she sent me 5 different shades and I ended up opening 3 of them. The colors are sultry black, trendy blue, and sophisticated wine. The colors looked great but it didn't really transfer well onto my eyelids. 

(**picture of the product will go here as soon as I get a good pic. Taking pictures at 3am isn't such a good idea)

First I tried the sophisticated wine, it is a reddish color, like a rusty brown. The color looks good but not very pigmented. It's very light but went on really smoothly.

The next color was trendy blue and its a pretty light colored blue. This was with a few coats on it, it too went on smoothly. I really liked it even though I thought it might be a little too light for my skin color. You know you have to do a blue eyeshadow the right way or it looks like crud.

The last color was sultry black and it was kind of more grey than anything. I reapplied a couple of times and still couldn't get a deeper black. It wasn't very pigmented so I think it would make a better grey color thank black. It still went on really smooth and even though it wasn't a true black, I really liked the result. 

The colors weren't very creative, but they were still nice. The thing I didn't like the most was the sponge tip applicator. It doesn't really have a point so it was kind of hard for me to be more precise with it and keep it where I wanted it to go. I actually took a different eyeshadow brush and just ran it over the tip so I could be more precise.