February 28, 2012

Lucy's Gluten Free Cookies Review & Giveaway

Hi there, so I actually won a few boxes of Lucy's Gluten Free cookies. The first cookies I attacked were the Chocolate flavored. I grabbed a few and poured myself a big glass of milk. They are crisp and crunchy and super delicious! I was a bit put off at first as they are "diet" cookies, but I really enjoyed the flavor. They do contain soy and oats and they are all organic!

Next was the Maple Bliss flavored cookies which were fab! I've actually never had Maple flavored cookies  so I was a bit hesitant. They so remind me of eating pancakes on a Sunday morning with all the family. The cookies are not too sweet and are fantastic with milk. They are crunchy and crispy just like the chocolate ones. So far they are a favorite of the kids. 

Last was the Ginger Snaps, I actually didn't try these as I personally don't like the flavor. I've tried them plenty of times and I just can't do it! I did have my official taster give them a try and he liked them. His exact words were, "mmm they're good!" but he may be biased because he LOVES Ginger snap cookies. He promptly took the box and kept them to himself. That's okay because I have my chocolate ones! 

You can buy Dr Lucy's Gluten Free Cookies ONLINE <-- Right There! Or you can find them at a 7,000 stores across America. They are fantastic and pretty affordable, so you need to run out and try them today! 

Aren't near anywhere that sells them, well you get the chance to win them! I have a couple of boxes left and will be sharing them with you guys!

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**I received these cookies as a gift and was under no obligation to do a review. All comments and opinions are my own.