March 16, 2013

A Rodeo Man's Promise Book Review

A Rodeo Man's Promise (Harlequin American Romance #1382)A Rodeo Man's Promise 
by Marin Thomas
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Book Description: Winning dominated Riley Fitzgerald's mind…until the day he met Maria Alvarez. Now, all the rodeo champ can think about is winning Maria's heart—a task that may be tougher than busting broncs. As a struggling teacher of at-risk teens in an impoverished, gang-infested neighborhood, Maria doesn't trust the affections of a rich, hot-shot cowboy, especially one who's ten years her junior. But she can't deny the attraction between them—and luckily, Riley's never been one to back down from a challenge. There's only one thing that's more important to Riley than earning another world title, and that's earning Maria's trust. He's got one chance to prove to Maria that he's all the man she'll ever need, and she's the only woman he'll ever want.
My Review: The two main characters are Riley and Maria and the two of them cross paths early on in the book and never seem to spend much time apart after their initial meeting. Maria is older than Riley by about 10yrs, but that doesn't stop the young cowboy from pursuing her. Having had a failed engagement Maria is very guarded and tries hard not to let Riley in. The two grow closer as Riley helps Maria and the at risk teens she works with. Obviously we all know where this is going. Maria comes to terms with the fact that she is attracted to the much younger Riley and finally gives in, sort of, to his advances. As guarded as she is she makes Riley really work at capturing her heart.

Although this book is a romance novel there isn't really any adult situations and is a pretty innocent read. The book is short and to the point, but tells a great story. I kind of wished there was a part two to see where the two end up.